MOSSA is an organic cosmetics brand. Its skincare products are developed based on the vitamin formulae of the unique, organic, ECOCERT certified Nordic berries.

MOSSA product lines

MOSSA offers facial skin cleansing and toning products, as well as additional products suitable for all skin types, however, facial moisturisers and specific products are divided into two groups according to age and skincare needs. 
Youth defence: skincare for women aged 25+ 
Age excellence: skincare for women aged 35+

Available and understandable

All MOSSA products are certified. Certification standards for organic cosmetics are developed with the purpose of making the consumers’ choice easier. 

More than 8 thousand various raw materials are used to produce cosmetics in the 21st century. Some of them are of natural origin - vegetable oils, extracts, essential oils, however, most of them are chemical compounds synthesised in a laboratory. Nobody is able to remember all the possible ingredients and their effects, therefore a certification seal on the packaging serves as a marking to help distinguish between organic products and synthetic ones.

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